How To Decipher a French Man's Body Language

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Published: 20th December 2010
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The French are known as the ultimate in being romantic. American terminologies such as the "French Kiss" is one simple example of how this idea of the French being romantic filters throughout societies outside of France. However, a kiss in France might be regarded as more of a commitment than other countries. French men will, however, offer an embrace or a kiss on the cheek to someone he considers interesting or close or even as a common greeting. And, not every move a French man makes indicates he wants a "rencontre," which in English means to date or meet up. How do you decipher the body language of a French man? Though they are usually more comfortable with touch and personal space, French men are much like men elsewhere in the world. There are some gestures that are specific to the French. Knowing these gestures can close the gap of communications and help you to understand his true intentions.

For starters, the French tend to enjoy touch. If a French man is speaking to you and moves closer during your rencontre, reaching out to touch you, this does not necessarily mean a romantic notion has been implied. It could simply mean that the culture of the French is comfortable with physical touch. However, if a French man leans in closely and asks questions that indicates an interest in truly getting to know you, this is a good indication that a romantic notion may be implied or that a possible date (rencontre) may occur.

On the other hand, it is obvious if your newly-met French man raises one finger to his mouth that you are overstepping your talking boundaries, have begun to bore him or that he does not want to hear what you have to say. If your French counterpart frequently waves his arm while speaking with you, this is an indication that he has become bored and wants to leave or end the conversation. Like in other cultures, if the French man completely closes his arms in a crossed position across his chest, he is indicating a lack of interest or even anger toward what you are saying. But, if he holds his hands, palms down and smacks the bottom hand quickly with the top hand, you'd better be prepared to leave quickly because he is indicating that he wants to get out of there.

Eye contact is another way to discover if this French man is truly interested in you amidst your rencontre. If he is wanting to get to know you better in a romantic sense or a future date, he will maintain good eye contact. Though, it could possibly indicate shyness, if he is constantly looking away, this is a good indication that he is just not that into you. Also, the size of his pupils will change. This is true in people worldwide, not just in France. When a person is enjoying what they are looking at, their pupils will dilate, or enlarge.

Watch the lips of the French man as well. Though usually unaware of their actions, women will lick their lips when they are interested in a dating relationship. But, French men may not lick their lips but will no doubt smile a lot while talking with someone he is interested in seeing again. If the man, however, curls his upper lip during the conversation, take note. This is an indication that the conversation, or something about you, has disgusted him or turned him off. In France, there is a classic pout that indicates this as well.

Some gestures that are specific to the French are the tapping of the nose which indicates that he thinks you are clever or quick witted. Another is a simple saying. While Americans express doubt by saying "My foot," a French man will say, "My eye!" A French man has a specific way of counting as well. He will begin with his thumb.

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