Easy Pirate Costumes for Halloween

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Published: 22nd September 2010
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You have finally landed an invitation to your boss' Halloween party and now you have nothing to wear and less than an afternoon to come up with some thing stellar. Do not panic, pirate costumes are not only easy to put together, but you probably have everything you need in your closet already!

Men: Search your closet for a pair of black or brown pants. They should be a little baggy, but comfort is key!

Next find a white button up shirt. When you put it on, leave the top few buttons undone and show off that chest you have been working on.

The coat is next, if you have a trench coat that "looks" like a pirate coat, use it! You can always add some detail to the cuffs and down the front edges using felt to make the exaggerated folds that pirate costumes call for. Use black felt for the cuffs and cut yellow or orange circles for the buttons. The buttons can be glued directly to the felt background, they should not be applied directly to your coat. Add your new updates to your jacket using double stick tape meant for fabric that you can find in lingerie shops. Just place a little on the inner edge of your cuff and along the front edges and you are done!

If you have a vest you would like to add, just remember that more is wonderful when you are talking pirate costumes! Add a kerchief to your head, and a red scarf around your waist and you are ready to go!

Women: There are many more options for you as you build your pirate costume! Any color would work for pants, shorts, or even any length skirt. If you choose a longer skirt, pin up one side of it to show off your legs by simply using a safety pin on the inside of the skirt.

Shirts, here again, anything goes. Once you raid your closet, you will likely come up with several options. A poet style shirt, long sleeve, short sleeve, even tank tops, they all work since most of what "makes" pirate costumes great is all the accessories you add to them.

A vest or corset should be worn to break up the expanse of color from your shirt and to add some definition.

Now it is on to the details. Add a length of fabric around or a scarf your waist as a sash. Thinking about all that buried treasure you just stashed on that primitive island, be sure that you kept some out for yourself. Go gaudy with your jewelry; gold and silver, as much as you dare. Finish off your pirate costume with that pair of high heeled boots under your bed and you are done!

Pirate costumes are a great idea when planning what to wear to a costume party, fast to put together and require only a few minutes alone in your closet with your imagination running wild! Enjoy!

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